Spring Turkey Hunting

There is just something about springtime that seems to rejuvenate the soul. After months of cold, dreary days the weather suddenly begins to warm. As March arrives, the cold, crisp nights give way to the warming days. With each passing sunrise and sunset the days grow longer. Trees begin to bud as another of nature’s growing cycles begins anew. And most importantly, for some of us, the arrival of springtime is signaled deep in the woods by the gobble of the wild turkey.

What a wonderful time to be alive!

Deer hunting is mighty popular here in Wilcox County, Alabama–a fun retreat to the woods for many. But to a certain group, turkey hunting is more like life and death.

Turkey hunting has been likened to the greatest chess match of them all. It’s a match of wits between hunter and the hunted. It is very addicting and anyone who partakes in the sport should do so with extreme caution. For many a farm and business has been lost to turkey hunting. There have been a few divorces too.

Once that gobbler fools you one time, just one morning, you won’t be able to get it out of your conscience. You replay the hunt over and over in your mind and wonder what could have been done differently. Did you call too much? Did you call too little? Did he see you? Did a real hen take him away? Or was this just not his day to die?

Regardless, when dawn breaks the next morning there you are again deep in the turkey woods awaiting his first gobble of the day. And when it comes you move into action. You execute your tactics of the initial set up and calling and the turkey plays his hand as well. The anticipation builds as he grows closer, his gobbling so loud now that you shudder with each roar he makes. Soon his bright blue and red head appears through the green foliage. Your gun is up. You don’t flinch, less he bolt for the wide blue yonder.

And if he comes within range you take him with a clean shot. You rejoice at your good fortune but share a bit of regret that in order for you to be successful you will never again match wits with this bird, and you enjoyed every moment of it. Yet as you turn to leave you hear more gobbles from nearby birds and know that many more await you in the days ahead.

We live this ritual for forty six days each and every spring. Here at Wilcox Black Belt Hunting, we would love to guide you in pursuit of America’s Greatest Gamebird.

Wilcox County, Alabama enjoys a great population of wild turkeys. No fall turkey season exists in this county, and therefore, all hunting is limited to the spring season. Rifles are not legal weapons for taking wild turkeys and hunting over bait is not legal. Thanks to these and many other conservation efforts, the wild turkey population continues to thrive for all to enjoy.

Decoys are now legal for use beginning with the spring 2005 season, making the odds of taking a mature gobbler even better.

Our season begins on March 15 and extends through April 30. Our guides have decades of experience pursuing the wild turkey and will make every effort to put you within range of a boss gobbler.